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If you are looking for a one of a kind watch designed specifically to withstand the toll of being a male professional, then look no further than the 03-51 GMT by Bell & Ross. This chronometer was built to take a licking and keep on ticking. Made of stainless steel, carbon and rubber, this watch is an excellent choice for pilots, astronauts, and those with many other job titles. Bell & Ross has managed to create a watch that is an exquisite copy of watches worn by elite professionals but designed to endure the calamities common to everyday life. The 03-51 GMT has a square stainless steel metal casing that contains a round face. An enlarged date, as well as the ability to view your watch in conjunction with a second time zone, make these luxury timepieces especially handy for men who travel or do business in different time zones. The rubber wrist band is also quite useful as it is built to hold up better under the constant wear and tear of wrist movements and job demands. This watch is more than worth it when it doesn’‘t have to be replaced constantly like the cheaper imitations. When the company was founded by the unlikely pairing of watch designers with aircraft and space control experts, the 03-51 GMT was inevitable. Built to the highest quality standards and equipped with an automatic self-winding mechanism, this chronograph has the ability to meet any needs required of it. If you are looking for a masculine piece of jewelry that is secretly made to do the job as well as any other piece available on the market, then look no further. Find it at one of the B&R certified online retailers today.

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