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Bell & Ross pride themselves on the Luxury Timepieces they have developed for successful and powerful businessmen. The BR 03-94 was created to be noticed by your clients, but it is small enough for the weight to go unnoticed on the wrist. This watch comes in a variety of band materials and face styles. The watch casing metal is stainless steel and comes in either the original stainless steel silver finish or black stainless steel. When shopping for Luxury Watches, the BR 03-94 Chronograph is an excellent choice as it goes seamlessly from work to play. It also goes well with most suits. Much like your clothes, watches often get you noticed both in the workplace and out. The BR 03-94 is the smaller version of the Bell & Ross BR 01-94, and the square shaped face is a full 4mm smaller. This watch is perfect for men who want to wear the full business ensemble but hate the feel of a bulky watch as they work. Not only does the watch come in different colors and styles, but the wristband itself is available in black and brown. The rubber wristband has been designed with the look of leather but the rubber material is safer for skin allergies and it is less prone to chaffing. Bell & Ross creates Luxury Watches designed to withstand extreme working situations. From astronauts to divers and even bomb disposal experts, B&R creates pieces that both last and do their job so you can do yours. Created in conjunction with aircraft and space control experts, the designs are sleek, well put together and can be worn for any event, job or occasion. Check out the BR 03-94 Chronograph at one of their many certified retailers.

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