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The Bell & Ross Chronograph series of luxury watches is very unique, like few other things that you will find on the market today. To start, one just needs to look at the shape of the body. Rather than being a traditional circle, these are shaped much more like a square. This boxy construction does not look bad, however -- it stands out. This is a watch that shows people that you do not simply follow the crowd or buy the luxury timepieces that you are told to like. You actually go out and find interesting watches that are very valuable. The bodies of the watches come in many different colors. You can find them with simple blackened metal, stainless steel, silver, titanium, and even gold. The bands differ too, with colors of black and white dominating but a few others thrown in. No matter what color combinations you are interested in, they can be found. Some are even made of rubber for the ultimate in comfort -- you will not have to worry about these breaking even if you catch them on something and stretch them away from your wrist. The sheer amount of color combinations can be found with the numbers and symbols that are on the faces as well. You can find the more traditional blacks and whites, but you can also find yellow, blue, pink, and silver. These colors will really stand out, especially when paired with a black watch. As far as function itself is concerned, the Bell & Ross Chronograph series gives you everything that you could want in an analog format. The pieces all display the hours, the minutes, the seconds, and the date. The numbers twelve, nine, six, and three are all displayed as large numerals that are very easy to read; there are dash marks between them to break the time down into smaller intervals. There are no strange or exotic functions, which is nice since it means that the watches are not cluttered or confusing.

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