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The exquisite Ocean collection of dive watches have been designed for the discriminating man that demands only the best of the best. Harry Winston watches are amongst the most desired timepieces in the world. When you strap on one of the 15 fine watches in the Harry Winston Ocean collection you are putting on an absolutely exemplary example of watch making skill by the worlds greatest watch designers and craftsmen. The Ocean Tourbillion and Chronograph Harry Winston watches are more than just an impressive piece of old-world craftsmanship. When you purchase one of these luxury timepieces, you are making an investment. With no pun intended, Harry Winston watches have historically appreciated in value over time. The bold-faced luxury watches in the Ocean collection are encased in either 18-karat white gold or Rose gold. The mark of luxury timepieces is not just how much gold and jewels you can incorporate into the watch and watchband, but just how well the timepiece keeps time. Harry Winston watches are known for their incredible accuracy. It would be quite shocking to find a genuine Harry Winston watch that lost more than a few seconds in the course of a year. World travelers and businessmen that fly all the time will appreciate one of the Ocean Dual Time watches that keep time in two different time zones. If you are leaving your New York office and heading to London for an important business conference you can set your local New York time and the 5 hour time difference in London so you will never be confused. Diving watches are made to withstand water and all of these fine watches perform as well deep below the ocean surface as they do on dry land. Most owners of these luxury watches typically do not buy them to go deep sea diving, but, if you happen to forget to take it off when you go for a swim in the pool or while you are taking a shower, rest assured, you will not do any damage to the watch. In conclusion the Ocean collection of Harry Winston watches represent the finest in luxury timepieces. If you have the means to be able to afford such an exquisite timepiece, the Ocean collection is a good place to start looking.

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